You’re Responsible.
We’re Accountable.

If we don’t catch phish, you pay nothing.

An Industry First

Pay-Per-Phish is phishing protection that works—or you don’t pay for it. Area 1 Security’s anti-phishing service identifies phishing attacks during the earliest stages of a campaign and stops phish across all traffic vectors—
email, web, and network. The service is cloud-based and deploys in minutes to detect and block phishing emails, malicious links, and network command-and-control traffic that other security technologies miss.

Now, you have nothing but phish to lose with Area 1 Security’s Pay-Per-Phish solution. This detection-based approach is the only preemptive, comprehensive and accountable phishing protection on the market.

How it Works

Deploys transparently in minutes, as an additional security layer behind your SEG— and you only pay for what we catch.

Delivers immediate protection against all phishing attacks including ransomware, BEC, credential harvesting, watering hole attacks, and more.

Small is Big

Legacy secure email gateways perform well against high volume spam and commodity threats, but struggle against the sparse, yet targeted nature of phishing attacks. For a nominal cost of $10 per malicious phish and no upfront term or dollar commitments, customers can get immediate benefit against the most egregious of attacks breaching current defenses.

It stops now.

Detect. Disrupt. Defeat.

No-Phishing Zone