Real Anti-Phishing Protection


days in advance

Stops phish before they deliver malicious links, BEC fraud, and malware against industry benchmarks.


total phish blocked

Advanced visibility and search technology across all traffic expose hackers and their trail.

99997 %

catch rate

Existing security solutions miss phish, while we disable them before they can breach.

Area 1 Horizon

Area 1 Horizon™ finds and disrupts targeted phish preemptively and comprehensively across all traffic vectors—email, web, and network.


Phishing Protection Deployed in Minutes

Area 1 Security Keeps LendingHome’s Email Clean and Free of Phishing Threats

Area 1 Security takes a predictive approach rather than a retrospective one.

Intermountain partnered with Area 1 Security to monitor its networks and preempt targeted phishing attacks

The hottest companies in tech’s hottest sector.” Area 1 Security joins Forbes Cloud 100 as one of 20 Rising Stars

No Phishing Allowed

Area 1 is changing the landscape of cybersecurity by turning attackers’ tools against them.

The reason we chose Area 1 Security is because of its sophistication in addressing phishing attacks.

Area 1 Security scours the web to find signs of brewing phishing campaigns in order to stop them at the source before they can do any damage.

Detect. Disrupt. Defeat.

No-Phishing Zone